Hello!  I'm Dave Ross.  I'm a comedian, and I'm so sorry about that.  This "company" is a bunch of designs I made as a joke using this online logo generator.

People really liked the designs, and they wanted me to make shirts, and so here we are.  But since I made these using a generator, I wanted to be open about that.  SO HERE WE ARE.  This is a bit that went way, way too far.

So if you want to make your own designs, go use that generator!  It's fun!  Here it is again.  I mean shit, you could even just totally remake what I made.  It's not hard!  Pay their monthly fee and you own all the rights to the designs you make.  Then get a Printful account -- which is how I run my print-to-order business -- throw that design on a baseball shirt and get my design without paying me a dime.  I truly do not care if you do that and honestly I encourage you to.  Or you can just buy them from me.  I mean fuck it!!!

I love you.  If you want to find/support me in other ways, links to my social media, podcasts, albums, patreon and more are on my website:



Shipping is still slowed down a bit because of Covid, but generally you should get your order in 2-4 weeks. If you have any issues at all please feel free to email dave at davetotheross@gmail.com or use our contact page.